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  • What level of racing can I expect?
    Our community is like no other and is specifically aimed at new & intermediate racers. So whether you've just picked up a brand new wheel and hitting the track for the first time or have been doing it for years, everyone is welcome.
  • When are your events?
    Find out what we play, and when, here
  • Do you really have your own broadcast studio?
    Yes! The Stream team have a dedicated green-screen studio. With hosting and commentating on every event on Twitch
  • What platforms do you race on?
    All our sim-racing events are currently hosted on PC only. However, we are looking into the logisitics of running a console league. Even if you're not on PC, it's well worth joining the Discord for the wealth of knowledge that sits there!
  • Are you on Social Media?
    Of course! You can keep up to date with everything we do on Facebook and Twitter! Oh, and of course you can wartch the whole thing over on our Twitch
  • How can I support the NoobGamerz?
    If you like what we do at NoobGamerz you can help keep us going by supporting our Twitch channel. Simply dropping us a follow, a sub and tuning in for our races would be great - but there is also the option to donate to our cause should you really want to!
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